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So you're trying to decide between having the big wedding everyone says you need, or saying your vows just the two of you. Trust me when I say this, I was in this predicament not too long ago!! You are searching for a day like no other. Scrolling through Pinterest, Googling “how to” guides, and probably getting unsolicited advice from everyone (and their mom)!


One of the most stressful aspects of planning is choosing the right photographer that fits your budget and matches your vision. Here’s the thing: it doesn't have to be that way. You should be marrying the love of your life stress-free!!.


Our main goal is that you genuinely enjoy your whole experience. Along with Photography Services, as much as we are able, we are willing to assist you with all facets of your day. From start to finish, we want to curate an experience that will reflect who you are and the essence of what you want your day or session to be.


We want to capture each and every detail as you see it and dream it, In the style that you chose, whether it be Editorial, Documentary, or Colorful & Vibrant. If you are ready to escape traditional wedding photography, bringing on an unconventional adventure, then Alttr Photography is just for you.


Additional Services



Three things that we have in common with Hair and Makeup Artist
are: 1. a deep understanding of color theory. 2. An intuitive
knowledge of lighting. 3. A goal of making their bride look the
absolute best on her wedding day. Your photos will look like a cover

girl shoot.



Very few understand the importance of the bridal Session. It gives you
the opportunity to see if there is anything you want to change about
your final look. It provides practice for brides inexperienced and
uncomfortable with being photographed to practice posing. Last, it
creates a non-rushed stress-free environment to capture Bridal

Portraits just right.



This session is a post-wedding shoot, done on a separate day for
various reasons. It may be that you did not get all the pictures you
wanted on the day because of time constraints. You may want your
pictures taken at a special location far away from the venue. And there
are those brides who want to take “Trash The Dress” photos, where
they may jump into a pool of water, play in mud, or get covered with
colored smoke or chalk, staining the dress. Some brides (mostly in
Europe) traditionally burn the dress in these sessions. Whatever the
reason, this session needs to be done post-wedding day.

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